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Annual Group Meet of Kharif Pulses and National Conference Organized

The Annual Group Meet of All India Coordinated Research Projects on Pigeonpea, MULLaRP (Mungbean, Urdbean, Lentil, Lathyrus, Rajmash and Fieldpea) and Network Project on Arid Legumes was held at UAS, Bangalore on May 22-24, 2016. Simultaneously, the ‘National Conference on Sustainable and Self Sufficient Production of Pulses through an Integral Approach’ was also held on May 21-22 and the joint inaugural session for these was organized on 21st May. The session was attended by Dr. T. Mohapatra, Secretary, DARE and DG, ICAR; Dr. T. Shivanna, Vice Chancellor, UAS, Bangalore; Dr. J.S. Sandhu, DDG (Crop Sciences), ICAR; Dr. N.P. Singh, Director, IIPR; Dr. Sheshadri, Director Research, UAS, Bangalore and the 3 Project Coordinators besides several other senior officers of the University, distinguished scientists and more than 400 scientist delegates working in different pulse crops. Dr. Mohapatra was critical of the research achievements in pulses crops and exhorted that new research efforts should be initiated to achieve a breakthrough in their productivity. He was of the opinion that innovative ideas need to be implemented instead of conducting routine research and material evaluation. Dr. J. S. Sandhu stressed upon fulfilling the targets of production of breeder seed so that targeted seed replacement could be achieved in all pulses. He also informed the house about the creation of seed hubs and the budgetary provisions for it. Dr. T. Shivanna, Vice Chancellor, UAS, Bangalore appreciated the efforts of AICRPs in furthering the technologies developed by pulses scientists and desired that Karnataka state being one of the major pulses growing state in the country should work more towards development and dissemination of newer technologies. Dr. N.P. Singh presented the overall scenario of pulses in the country and expressed concern over their fluctuating production over the years due to climatic vulnerability. He exhorted the scientists to work for development of shorter duration, widely adaptable and biotic and abiotic stress resistant varieties. This was followed by the presentation of progress report by the Project Coordinators. Dr. Sheshadri, Director Research appraised the house about the objectives of organizing the 2 days long National Conference on Pulses organized jointly by Indian Society of Pulses Research and Development, Kanpur and UAS, Bangalore.

Over the next two days a number of oral presentations and poster sessions were organized in the Conference and recommendations were formulated for boosting pulses production in the country. This was followed by reviewing progress under different AICRPs and technical programme formulation. The superior entries were promoted to next stage while new trials were formulated for multilocation evaluation. The Varietal Identification Committee Meeting was also organized on 22nd May and 5 new varieties namely Pusa 1371 of Mungbean; DC 15, TPTC 29 & PCP 0306-1 of Cowpea and RMB 2251 of Mothbean were recommended for identification. The last days of the workshop was attended by Dr. B.B. Singh, ADG (Oilseeds and Pulses) besides other dignitaries and witnessed the declaration of recommendations of both, the National Conference on Pulses as well the AICRP Group Meet.